Slicers (guillotine)

We make guillotines, slicers with ultrasound technology used for cutting cakes and other food product – from frozen foods to multi-layer products.

Description of caramel mass guillotine

The proces start with feeding the caramel mass to the guillotine from the cooling system in the shape of a ribbon of appropriate length and width. The guillotine cuts the caramel into pieces of required length and width.

A set of sensors supervises the correct cutting. The system of knives cuts the caramel into given pieces. Obtaining correctly cut pieces of caramel is possible thank to accurately set longitudinal and vertical movements of the ultrasonic knife system. The ultrasound is excited by a set of generators and transmitted to the knives.

Kabanos sausages slicer station

An employee operating the station puts the so-called a (steel) stick on the conveyor belt a batch (19 pcs) of kabanos sausages 35-37 cm length. The stick is inserted into the appropriate slots on the side of conveyor which causes the kabanos sausages to be arranged with the hooks in the direction of transport. Removing the stick from the slots of the conveyor will activate the device and moving the kabanos sausages to the end board. Transported products initiates the operation of pushing unit along this path, whicj will make the pushing band rotate and the correct positioning of the kabanos sausages between the bars. The products arranged in this way are operated by the pressing unit, preventing the stacking of the kabanos sausages, and then the unit pushing the sausages under the circular knives. The knives divide the kabanos sausages into hooks, sticks and tips. After cutting, the fingers fall onto the receiving conveyor, while the hooks and tips are placed in separate containers.

The sticks also fall from the pick-up conveyor into the container.

The transporting element in the feeding and receiving conveyors is a modular belt guided on slides attached to the conveyor structure. The belt is driven by wheels mounted on the drive shaft, which is driven by a gear motor. The shaft journals are mounted in self-aligning rolling bearings. Bearings placed in special housings are attached to the side walls of the conveyor. The stand is equipped with legs with adjustable height.


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