Polyurethan (PUR)

POLYURETHANES are obtained in the process of aromatic or aliphatic diisocyanate polyaddition with compounds having at least two hydroxyl groups. Physical and chemical properties of polyurethane depend on its chemical constitution and molecular weight. Polyurethanes are applicable in the production of all kinds of resins, foams, varnish, glue, polyurethane fibres, rubber.

Polyturethane elastomer is a rubber like material with high exploitation rates. Its properties can be comprehensively shaped, which makes it an extremely universal technical plastic. Polyurethane is characterised by a wide hardness range and great flexibility at the same time. Good mechanical properties and great chemical resistance cause that polyurethane surpasses traditional materials such as rubber, metal or ceramics.


  • tear resistance and tensile strength
  • vibration damping
  • resistance to many aggressive environments (solvents, acids, petroleum derivatives)
  • superb abrasion resistance (much better than rubber or hard abrasive alloys)
  • atmospheric conditions resistance
  • ageing resistance
  • self-extinguishing
  • electroinsulating
  • non staining


Polyurethane is used for production of machine elements: clutches, antivibratory pads, wheels. Elastomers can operate in temperature up to 80° and pH environment 5-12. They are also applied in road industry, e.g. as equipment in machines for laying paving blocks. Polyurethane layers are used in driving and straining drums for belt conveyors as well as on the rolls in roll conveyors. Moreover, polyurethane can be successfully applied in the production of elements such as scrapers in belt conveyors.

Physical properties

  • hardness 35 – 98 Sh A
  • tensile strength 20 – 70 MPa
  • elongation at break 100 – 800 %
  • brasion 10 – 100 mm3
  • density 1,1 – 1,28 g/cm3


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