Water jet cutting

The PLASTEM company offers water jet cutting of metals, plastics, ceramics and other materials. This modern technology allows for precise processing of materials without any side effects (temperaturę). Water jet cutting allows to avoid thermal and chemical deformations caused by other cutting methods.

Waterjet – modern cutting technology

Abrasive waterjet technology is the most innovative of the whole currently available cutting technology in the industry. Waterjet tools can cut practically every material, starting from very soft such as: foams, gels, sponges, through harder materials such as plastics, rubber, skin and also soft metals such as: aluminium, brass, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, ending on heat-resistant steel, hardened steel, ceramics and sintered carbide. Waterjet can also cut glass, stone, granite, marble and ceramic tiles. Thickness of cutting materials are up to 200mm, which i san achievement unavailable for most other shape cutting technologies.The advantage of waterjet devices is that the gap left after cutting has a very small width, less than 1mm, which allows cutting very complicated shapes and precise cutting of corners. These devices are used in metal industry where is a need of performing complex cuts in thick metals. In the stone industry, marble, granite, artificial stones and conglomerates are cut. Waterjets are used to cut such building elements as: stairs, window sills, kitchen and bathroom countertops, elements of tombstones and monuments. The five-axis versions available allow the head to be tilted in such way as to enable cutting with an inclined wall. Fice-axis waterjetsare used in the metal industry, where bevelling is required for welding purposes. A stream of water with abrasive allows it to break through the hardest materials from the inside, thank to which it can cut a closed object without having to enter the material from the outside, as in the case with cord cutting.

Serive quote

The value of ordered cutting service depends on many things. In order to avoid misunderstandings we ask for sending projects and drawing in electronical form ((AutoCAD *.DWG, *DXF, Corel DRAW *.CDR or other) for evaluation.
Using of modern, specialist devices and professional service make cutting metals and other materials in our company fast and without problems. Waterjet cutting is faster and more precise than traditional methods. So let’s choose this method of material processing with our company.

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