FIBER / FIBER laser cutting service

Cutting with a fiber laser PowerCut (FIBER) with a working area of 1500x3000mm is absolutely the latest technology for efficient cutting of any shape from metal sheets. A visible difference to CO lasers is cutting thin sheets up to 5mm, where the cost of cutting can be reduced even ten times.


We provide quick delivery times, low prices and thanks to qualified and experienced staff, we guarantee high quality of our services.


Advantages of laser cutting in fiber optic technology:

  • Nawet 10-krotnie mniejsze koszty cięcia niż na laserze CO
  • very high laser efficiency gives an impressive ratio of cutting speed to laser power
  • low power consumption
  • less complex mechanics than CO lasers
  • advanced anti-reflective protection enables laser cutting of highly reflective materials
  • no hail on cut surfaces,
  • excellent cutting precision, which eliminates the need for post-processing,
  • repeatability of cut details,
  • possibility of cutting very small holes in thick sheets,
  • narrow cutting gap reduces the amount of waste to a minimum,
  • possibility of processing foil sheets,
  • additional options: engraving,


The PowerCut series laser cutting machine with linear drives enables fast and efficient cutting of any shape from sheet metal.


Technical data:

  • Working area 1500x3000mm
  • Precitec cutting head
  • Linear drives
  • Variable focal length of the head (zoom)
  • Electronic adjustment of the gate angle
  • Parametric beam modulator
  • Common cutting line. Double-sided gate operator
  • Automatic cut-off with edge control

Speed, efficiency, accuracy:

  • Working speeds – up to 250m / min
  • Acceleration – up to 60m / s²
  • Positioning accuracy – 0.02mm
  • Positioning repeatability – 0.001mmPrędkości robocze – do250m/min

Processed materials:

  • carbon steel ;
  • stainless steel;
  • aluminum;
  • copper;
  • brass.


Cut pricing

For the sake of our clients’ time, we present below comments regarding a properly prepared inquiry for a water or laser cutter:

  1. We prepare valuations on the basis of sketches and drawings provided by customers in their inquiries. Drawings made on a computer (Autocad) are a great help for us and significantly shorten the time of obtaining an answer to an inquiry
  2. In the inquiry, please include the information necessary for the valuation, i.e. the number of details, the type of material from which the details should be made and their thickness
  3. We work with AutoCad files (format: .dwg, .dxf), Inventor (format: .ipt). Drawings made in Corel Draw (.cdr), please export to .dwg or .dxf format. Please include at least one dimension of the detail, thanks to which we will avoid mistakes related to the scale
  4. It is valuable to define the dimensions on the drawing that are of particular importance to you. In the case of details cut with water, please provide the quality of the side surface that you need to obtain after processing.

We send completed orders with our transport or courier company throughout the country, it is also possible to pick up the order on the spot at our company’s seat.

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