Transport systems

Automation of production and the product industry in manufacturing processes in production and logistics companies is today not so much a need, but even a requirement of a modern company. It allows you to reduce costs, speed up production, increase repeatability and product quality. To meet these needs, Plastem offers assistance in the design and delivery of internal transport systems.

Our experience and know-how will translate into specific benefits for you. We offer comprehensive solutions for the internal transport of various types of products: loose materials, cardboard boxes, containers, bottles and cans. Our offer includes roller conveyors, as well as on plate chains, modular belts, PVC, transport nets and other carriers. The transporters are made of aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel profiles, powder coated in all colors. We also make conveyors tailored to individual customer needs.

We design and implement complete control systems tailored to customer needs. We offer innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation. From design, prefabrication of control cabinets to commissioning and assembly. Thanks to many years of experience of our employees, we are not afraid of new challenges and we are able to suggest a proven solution in the field of electrics, automation, pneumatics and mechanics.
We are able to develop an optimal solution for each type of production.

Device design process


Customer’s needs

A thorough understanding of the needs precedes each offer we make to our clients. With the help of our technical and sales consultants, you will very precisely determine all parameters and functions of the future device.



Qualified constructors deal with the development of the concept and design of the device. If necessary, they visit the client, learn about the conditions in the plant. They set the parameters of the transporter, choose the carrier, drive, control and construction.



Under the supervision of our engineers, the process of machining individual parts on CNC machines, and then assembly. The devices are tested until the assumed performance is obtained. The assembly is performed at PLASTEM (all parts are collected, then qualified employees assemble the device and test it). After the tests, the device can be disassembled or packed completely (depending on transport possibilities).



The device is assembled, adjusted and set up at the customer’s plant. During the testing phase, we perform electrical measurements, noise, dust levels. Then we conduct training for employees in the proper operation and maintenance of the device.



All technical information, specification of operating parameters and necessary technical inspections can be found in the Use and Maintenance Manual.



We provide assistance in the maintenance of the device, periodic services, replacement of worn parts, and repairs during the warranty and post-warranty period.


Cooling tunnels

Vertical conveyors (elevators)

Conveyors with metal detector

Buffer tables

Slicers (guillotine)



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