Modular conveyors

Conveyors, which use a modular belt as a transport element, are used to transport a wide range of products with various weights. The belts can be equipped with both flights and a sideguards. This allows the use of this type of conveyors during horizontal and oblique transport. Various types of modular belts, which are the basis of the conveyor, enable the versatile use of this device in many industries. Each belt is selected individually to the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the transferred product.

Description of modular conveyors

Modular conveyors are built on the basis of stainless steel, aluminum or powder coated carbon steel profiles. Modular belts, which are the carrier in conveyors, are selected individually for a given application, depending on the conditions in which they work, we select the appropriate material and type of belt from manufacturers such as: REXNORD, MCC, INTRALOX, which guarantees reliability and long service life of the transport lines.

The biggest advantages of modular conveyors are:

• High strength of the modular belt
• Use of the appropriate tape for the type and working conditions
• Possibility to install longitudinal and transverse flights on the belt
• Reduction of costs and downtime of the conveyor (only a part of the belt – the module is replaced if the belt is damaged)
• Easy to clean
• Various types of modular belt components that provide a wide range of conveyor application

In order to protect the transported element against falling out of the conveyor, side rails are mounted to the supporting structure or suitably profiled plastic sliding strips are used, which are also slides guiding the belt.


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