CNC turning

CNC turning is a precise machining, where the entire turning process has been automated by using a microcomputer with a machine control part. They are used wherever precision, durability, automation and the speed of the processes are important. In this way, CNC turning is perfect, for example, in serial production, where regularity and repeatability also play an important role.

Advantages of CNC turning:

• precision of execution,
• repeatability of performed details,
• shorter execution time,
• possibility of milling and engraving.

We offer professional CNC turning of objects of various sizes, made of metal, steel and other raw materials. As part of our turning service, we offer you a combination of knowledge and experience with the latest technology.

We offer CNC turning:

• stainless steel,
• carbon steels,
• brass,
• aluminum,
• from synthetic materials.

High-class equipment is necessary to provide professional CNC turning services. In our company, we use the best DMG lathes available on the market that guarantee not only extremely precise, but also surprisingly fast machining. It is possible, among others thanks to the use of a second spindle in the machine, which allows for efficient turning of the workpiece. The Y axis increases the machining possibilities – it also enables milling.

We invite you to take advantage of the CNC turning service in our company.


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