Buffer tables

The main task of the buffer tables is to accumulate the excessive amount of products that come from the production line. Additionally, they can even out the product flow to the packaging machine. Their use results in many benefits, e.g. they improve and accelerate many production processes. We also manufacture round buffer tables, which are usually installed at the end of the production line and significantly improve the manual work of employees.

Description of buffer tables

The buffer table is usually made on plate chains or on a special modular Raised Rib belt (RR2000XP) using combs. They guarantee a smooth flow of the product between the feeding conveyor and the table. When the packaging is heavily loaded, the buffer table is automatically activated to reduce the pressure. The individual product buffering system takes place on multi-row conveyors, which guarantees the accumulation of the transported product (e.g. bottles, cans). Compared to single-row conveyors, it provides several times higher efficiency of production lines. The use of the mentioned conveyors reduces the distance between the machines in question. When the line is running, the load of full bottles has a great influence on the durability of the chain, as well as the idlers and sprockets. This is why we use a chain lubrication system.

The spray nozzles of the lubrication system and the correct distribution of the pipes, made of acid-resistant steel, ensure proper distribution of the lubricant on the chain, resulting in quieter, more efficient operation. Reducing the coefficient of friction between the chain and the slide will also reduce the power consumption of the gear motor.


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