Belt conveyors

The most frequently used conveyors are belt conveyors. They are perfect for many industries, including sorting plants and warehouses. They are also used as stand-alone devices or elements of various types of assembly lines.
Special PVC, PE, rubber or silicone tapes can be equipped with scrapers and a side curtain that protects. Thanks to this, it is possible to use these devices in horizontal and oblique transport. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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Plate conveyors

Our offer includes the production of conveyors on plate chains. All machines made by us are based on Rexnord and MCC chains. Our many years of experience in the bottling industry allows us to design single- and multi-row, straight and torsion conveyors. Plate conveyors are used in many production and transport industries – including warehouses and commercial warehouse.

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Modular conveyors

Conveyors based on modular belts are used in the wide industry of transporting products of various weight. The belts can be equipped with both flights and a side guard.This allows the use of this type of conveyors during horizontal and oblique transport. Various types of modular belts, which are the bases of the conveyor, enable the versatile use of this device in many industries.

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Roller conveyors

The wide offer includes roller conveyors in gravity and driven versions. In production, we use various types of rollers, including gravity rollers, with a single gear, as well as models driven by V-belts. Roller bends, where tapered rollers are used, are also very popular. All products are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, as well as with PVC. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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Spiral conveyors

In production plants where loads are transported over several floors or where there is limited space, spiral conveyors are used. They allow not only safe handling of products, but also allow for some production processes to be carried out in them.

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The Plastem company offers comprehensive solutions in the field of internal transport, various types of products: loose materials, packages, containers, bottles and cans. In our offer you will find roller conveyors as well as those on plate chains, modular belts, PVC belts and conveyor nets. The transporters are made of aluminum profiles, as well as of stainless and carbon steel, painted in all colors from the RAL color palette.

We also make conveyors tailored to individual customer needs. We represent world-class manufacturers such as: Rexnord, MCC, Intralox, we are able to develop an optimal solution for almost any type of production.


 The scope of the company’s activities:

• concept development and design,
• comprehensive deliveries of machines and their installation,
• warranty and post-warranty service,
• spare parts for existing conveyors,
• modernization of conveyors.

Professionalism, reliability, credibility and experience of Plastem as a manufacturer of belt conveyors have determined that many companies now use our services, such as: Breweries, Polmosy, Mineral water and beverage bottling plants, Fruit and vegetable processing plants and recipients from other industries



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