Polytertafluoroethylenene PTFE (white)

POLYTERTAFLUOROETHYLENE, PTFE. It is a fluoric polymer obtained as a result of the polymerisation of tetrafluoroethylene. Its commonly known trade name is Teflon. It is a high-strength semicrystalline thermoplastic, which is one of the most thermally stable technical plastics. PTFE is highly resistant to the exposure to most of the known elements, chemical compounds and solvents. Superb electrical insulation and the lowest dielectric coefficient among all technical plastics allow for the use of Teflon in electrotechnics, especially in high frequency technique. The various tinges received as a result of combination of PTFE with bronze do not change its good properties. Because of this, the use of non-corrosive steels can be avoided.


  • physiologically harmless (+270°C),
  • tasteless, odourless,
  • superb sliding properties and abrasiveness,
  • practically the lack of slick-slip motion,
  • resistant to hydrolysis and hot steam,
  • very good UV radiation resistance,
  • very high impact strength also in low temperatures,
  • depending on the type, electrically insulating or antistatic,
  • non-toxic, resistant to micro organisms and funguses,
  • the high temperature of continuous use (+260°C),
  • very good chemical resistance to almost all chemical factors



PTFE covers various fields of application in industry; it is used in chemical apparatus building, machine construction, transportation technique, production of armature and pumps, electrical engineering, water supply systems, cryotechnique, filters and medical technoelectronics, laser techniques, medicine and finally, in food industry.

COLOUR: PTFE is available in white colour. PTFE + bronze is supplied in brown colour and with carbon in black.



PTFE + carbon
This type of PTFE has been enriched by addition of 25% of carbon. Due to this kind of processing antistatic properties have been obtained, which allows to use this material for sliding profiles production where electric charges cannot generate. Carbon caused that this kind of Teflon superbly replaces polyethylene where high temperature is required.

PTFE + bronze
This type of PTFE has been modified by addition of 60% of bronze. Due to such processing hardness, compression strength, wear resistance are improved. Similarly to PTFE +carbon, PTFE + bronze is antistatic, shows low thermal expansion coefficient as well as good thermal conductivity. Thanks to this, it is suitable for reservoir leanings, pipelines and casing of filters.


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