Polyetheretherketone PEEK

PEEK (POLYETHERETHERKETONE) is high-performance plastic which belongs to high-temperature plastic materials. It has superb properties thanks to which it can be used instead of metal (blades in various kinds of rotors). It is available in sheets, rods and tubes. PEEK is widely used in vehicles and textile machines building, medical technique, food industry, precise mechanics, packaging and paper industry, electrical engineering, nuclear and vacuum industry.


  • resistance to high temperatures,
  • depending on the type, admitted to contact with food
  • the highest abrasion resistance
  • very low thermal expansion coefficient
  • dimensional stability,
  • very good ductility,
  • exceptional resistance to UV and high energy radiation (gamma and X-ray),
  • low flammability as well as smoke secretion during combustion
  • very good resistance to chemical substances and hydrolysis ( the additional protection of surface is necessary),
  • high thermal load – carrying capacity and mechanical,


Thanks to the fact that it tolerates frequent sterilisation without occurrence of tensile rupture, PEEK is used in medical technique and food industry. With high thermal and mechanical load applications it offers good dimensional stability. That is why it is so widely used in medical techniques. It is also used for production of sprockets, bearings, sliding rail and frictional linings as well as tubes, resistance rings and flanges.



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