CNC milling

We offer CNC milling of steel, aluminium and plastics. We have great experience and an extensive park of milling devices in order to meet the most difficult tasks in CNC machining. Most often, we provide precise aluminium milling for our clients. The high demand in aluminium components is due to to the unique properties of this metal. Its low weight combined with high strength makes it used for precision parts made by CNC milling technology. Another material commonly used in machining is plastics. They are widely used in various industries. They are used to manufacture parts e.g. snails, turners for cans, bottles and jars.


We offer:

•  CNC milling with 5-axis DMG DMF 180/1800 1800x700x700
• CNC milling with 5-axis DMG MORI CMX70U 700x600x520
• CNC milling with 4-axis DMG MORI CMX1100V 1100x560x510
• CNC milling with 3-axis DMG MORI CMX800V 800x560x510
• CNC milling with 3-axis DOOSAN DNM750 II 1650x760x650
• CNC milling with 3-axis and 4-axis milling plotters KIMLA e.g. 2100x4100x450


Advantages of CNC milling

• speed
• accuracy
• precision
• high repeatability of the shapes made

CNC milling is one of the most important services we offer to our clients. We make details from client’s or our own material. We help in choosing the right material.

We invite you to send us technical drawings – our specialists will analyze them and make a valuation of the order.

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