Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are used to transport products with a compact structure and regular shape of the base, e.g. pallets, cartons, boxes, containers, etc. Depending on the application, we distinguish driven and gravity (non-driven) conveyors, which are used as assembly stations or as an end buffer in driven conveyor systems. They are perfect for the construction of flow racks in distribution centers. They are made in various lengths, widths and scales of transport rollers. Additional elements can be installed in the roller conveyors, e.g. side guides, end stops, pneumatic locks.

Description of roller conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors (non-driven) – are a type of conveyors on which the movement of transported elements is carried out by hands or by gravity. The advantage of the presented conveyors is a solid structure, quick assembly, adaptation to specific customer requirements. The load capacity of the conveyors ranges from a few kg / m (rollers made of plastic) up to several tons (steel rollers, externally bearing).

Driven roller conveyors – these are conveyors in which the rollers can be driven in various ways, e.g.

  • Rolls with bent two grooves for a round polycord belt. In this case, the drive is transferred from roller to roller. The drive to the rollers can be transferred in two ways by means of a gear motor or by means of a motor roller.
  • Rollers with one groove bent for a round polycord belt. A characteristic feature of this type of conveyors is the fact that the drive is transferred from the gear motor to the main drive shaft, located under the conveyor, and then to the selected driven rollers. In this case, not all rollers need to be driven.
  • Rollers with a single chain wheel where the drive is transferred from the gear motor to the roller chain which drives all the rollers.
  • Rollers with double chain sprockets are driven from roller to roller by roller chain.

The elements used for the production of roller conveyors are of the highest quality, which guarantees long-term durability.
This type of products is complemented by curved roller conveyors. We offer roller arches in gravity and driven versions. We always design roller arches based on the given parameters of the transported item.


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