Plastic turners for bottles, jars and cans

The wide range of products offered by Plastem also includes turners: cans, jars, bottles, etc. Along with the finished product, we also provide full documentation with technical drawings. In the case of special customer requests, our service will make the fittings of the turning machines and integrate them into the existing line.
The undoubted advantage of gravity turners is quiet operation combined with unlimited efficiency. Thanks to their use, complex mechanical devices will be eliminated.

Rotators can move the product in one or more axes by any angle. It is also possible to obtain a bend composed of one rotator, thanks to which we can easily change the direction of transport of a given product.

When designing a given rotator, our designers use:

  • patterns of the transported product,
  • technical drawings provided by the customer,
  • own measurements made on the existing line,
  • own projects.

The materials used for the production of turners are: PE 1000, POM, PET, PA with the addition of a lubricant. They can be made in various colors according to the customer’s needs.


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