Design office

The PLASTEM company has a highly qualified and experienced team of designers in the design office, using professional CAD/CAM Pro/Engineer software. We make measurements, projects. visualization, calculations and analyses


When implementing projects and production orders, we use professional software such as:

• Pro/Engineer – construction, executive documentation, calculations, strength analysis, reverse engineering, generating the CAM tool path
•  Geomagic – spatial scanning, point cloud processing, comparative analyses
•  Cam2Q – additional measurements, setting references
•  See Electrical – designing automation and control systems, electrical documentation
•  Pc CAM – software which controls the operation of numerical machine tools
•  Pc CAM Nesting – software which optimizes the distribution elements on the sheet

3D Card modeling (spatial parts)

3D models are based on 2D technical documentation or preliminary geometry as curves or cloud of points in space. We model solid, welded and sheet metal structures using efficient tools.

• 3D CAM modeling (e.g. machine parts, products)
• assemblies in 3D)

2D documentation

Regarding design, we offer our clients services in preparation of 2D documentation of products, especially CAD,PDF, 3D-PDF drawings and in other formats. 2D documentation is made on the basis of previously prepared 3D models. Thanks to this, main views, projections and sections of the drawing are generated instantly. The automatic download of dimensions from the model and generating title blocks in the case of assemblies reduces the time needed to prepare documentation.

• We prepare technical and operational documentation (DTR) of design products
• we prepare descriptions of machines and devices
• we prepare user manual
• we prepare assembly instruction
• other documentation

Making of visualization

  • The Visualizations created by us are intended to present a photorealistic image of the model. We present such visualizations both as static form and as an animation. The innovative solutions are presented at the stage of the offer, so the customer can precisely verify its attractiveness. A wide range of textures, materials and light sources guarentees a good reflection of realism.

Strength analysis

We offer the customer checking of designed or existing products in terms of strength.

Computer-aided CAE allows to carry out the following issues:

• CAE stress analysis
• FEM calculations
• Finite element method
• Optimization of the shape of products
• Product weight optimization

Programming of CNC machines

We generates programs for numerically controlled machine tools.

Change other CAD/CAM servies

CNC machining

Machine park


Mariusz Kantorczyk (wew.22)
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Dariusz Janiszewski (wew.25)
+48 609 820 585


Adam Wardęga (wew.48)
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Marcin Smażek (wew.32)
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Łukasz Majewski (wew.26)
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Piotr Dobrowolski (wew.36)
+48 697 970 653

Purchasing Department

Karolina Nagła (wew.38)
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