Plastem offers cutting with water jets: metals, plastics, ceramics and many other materials. That modern technology allows us to process materials with big precision and without any side effects like ex temperature. Cutting with water jets allows avoiding thermal and chemical deformations which are present in standard methods of cutting.

Waterjet – innovative technology of cutting

Abrasive waterjet technology is the most innovative technology among all available on market technologies of cutting.



Waterjet equipment can cut practically each material: starting with very soft, ex: foam, gels, sponge, going through plastics, composite materials, rubbers,  leather, soft metals: aluminum, brass, carbon and stainless steel,  finishing with heat-resistant steel, hardened steel, ceramics, cemented carbides.

Waterjet is also able to cut glass, stone, granite, marble and ceramics plates – so the hardest materials in industry. The thickness of cutting materials can even reach 200 mm, this is a result which any other method of cutting cannot reach. One of the advantages of waterjet is that the slot after cutting is very narrow, even below 1mm. That feature allows us to cut extremely complicated shapes and precision cutting of arrows.

That kind of equipment may apply in metal industry, where is a need of cutting complicated cuts in thick metals.

In stonemasonry industry marbles, granites, synthetic stones and conglomerates are cut.

Waterjets are used to cut things like: stairs, windowsills, worktops, elements of tombstones and monuments.

Available versions with 5 axis allows to tilt head in that way so it was possible to cut with tilted wall. 5-axis waterjets may apply in metal industry, where chamfering to weld purpose is required.

Jets of water with abrasive enable to puncture through the hardest materials from inside, it creates closed shape without cutting material from outside, like it is when using cord.

Pricing of service

Value of the service is dependent on many factors, to avoid misunderstanding or mistakes please send us your project to quote in electronic form – AutoCad*, DWG, *DXF, Corel DRAW*, CDR or other)

The use of modern technical equipment makes cutting of metals and any other plastics cut quickly and without any problems.

Cutting with water jet is faster and more precise than traditional a methods, that’s why it is worth to choose that way of processing materials.