PLEXIGLASS (polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA) is a technical plastic superbly suited for various industries such as: decorative, commercial, furniture or automotive industries. Plexiglas can be very easily moulded into different shapes and that is why it is often used to producing machine covers as well as control cabins.


  • transparency (up to 94%)
  • upper service temperature limit 70 °C
  • resistant to salts, acids, lye, etc

AVAILABLE COLOURS: white, grey, brown


POLYCARBONATE (PC) is a polyester of carbon acid. Most often it is obtained as a result of polycondensation of phosgene with dihydroxyl compounds. It is characterised by superb mechanical and dielectric properties (even in high temperatures). It is usually used as engineering thermoplastic, for production of machines elements, parts of chemical apparatus, electroinsulating elements, transparent covers of metering devices and lighting equipment.


  • transparency 85%
  • resistance to chemical substances
  • low thermal expansion level
  • abrasion resistant
  • admitted to direct contact with food
  • high dielectric strength
  • possibility of cool bending,