To meet our clients’ needs and expectations PLASTEM is honoured to present you with a new catalogue “Technical plastics in the industry”. The catalogue is meant to solve your problems with the used plastic parts and elements.
Our educated technical staff will advise you on the selection of the material, suggest the best technical solution for your company as well as deliver the required elements as soon as possible.
As a partner of the renown producers of plastic PLASTEM guarantees:

the highest quality of the products;
professional service;
short delivery dates;
competitive prices;

We have in stock sheets, rods, tubes as well as profiles manufactured from low friction plastic materials.
We offer semi- finished products made of sliding and constructional plastic materials:

– polyethylene PE 1000, PE 500, PE 300
– PA – polyamide
– POM – polyacetal engineering polymers (plastics)
– PET – polyethylene terephthalate
– PTFE – polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon)
– PP – polypropylene
– PC – polycarbonate
– PMMA – polymethylmethacrylate (plexiglass)
– In addition to the above mentioned materials we offer high quality plastic materials such as:
– PEEK – polyetheretherketone
– PVDF – polyvinylidene difluoride

Apart from the semi- finished products presented above, we also offer ready – made elements as shown in the catalogue or according to an individual order.

Our company also offers chain guides for roller and coil chains as well as belt guides. We produce corner trucks, sprockets and idler wheels, scrolls and bottle guides.
We supply a wide range of products manufactured on numeric machines, which allows us to produce various elements with high precision and repeatability.

We hope that this catalogue will familiarise you with the use of plastic materials.

Piotr Ciupa
Tomasz Teodorczyk

Should you need any information, please contact the technical department.