Project office





In our Technical Dept. we have highly qualified constructors with great experience, who are using professional software CAD/CAM, Pro/Engineer. We are making measurements, designs, visualizations, calculation and analysis.


During realization of projects and production we are using professional software such as:

Pro/Engineer – contructions, executive documentation, calculations, strength analysis, reverse engineering, generating tool paths CAM,
Geomagic – spatial scanning, processing cloud of points, comparative analysis,
Cam2Q – additional measurements, determination of reference
SEee Electrical – designing of automation and control system, electrical documentation.
Pc CAM – software operating the CNC machines.
Pc CAM Nesting – software optimizing the distribution elements on the sheet.

3d Modeling CAD (spatial parts)

3D models we are making on the base of technical documentation 2D or initial geometry in the form of curves or point clouds in space, We are modeling solid construction, welded and tin using efficient tools.

3D modeling CAD (ex. Parts of machines, products)
Submission in 3D.

2D documentation

In the designing field we are offering our customer’s service for documentation of goods in 2D, mainly drawings CAD, PDF, 3D-PDF and many others formats.

2D documentation we are making mainly on a base of earlier made 3D models. Due to that fact main view, views, sections drawings are generated straight away.

Shortening the time of preparing documentation is a result of automatic downloading of dimensions from model and generating plate drawings for assembly.

We are making technical and operational documentation of designed goods and We are preparing description of machines and equipment’s, along with User manual, Installation instructions and the rest of documentation

Making of visualization

Visualization created by us are to present foto realistic picture of model. We are able to do pictures as well as animations. We are showing all innovation on offer so the customer was able to see it’s attractiveness. Wide range of materials, textures and light sources guarantees good quality of visualization.

Strength analysis

We are offering our customers checking of designed or existing goods in terms of strength.

Software CAE allows us to perform the following issues:

Stress analysis
Calculating MES (FEM)
Finite element method
Shape analysis of goods
Mass optimization of goods.

Programming of CNC machines

We are generating software for CNC machines